Tea 101

  • 8 Benefits of a Daily Shot of Green Tea

    • Daily green tea shots offer a quick and effective nutrient boost.
    • Green tea is a powerful source of antioxidants, especially polyphenols, protecting against oxidative stress and disease.
    • Green tea contains less caffeine than black tea, offering a gentle energy lift and promoting alertness.
    • Introducing innovative green tea infusions like Green Tea Peach Bellini and Lemon Green Tea Mint Julep. Blending tradition with modern flavors for a unique tea experience.
  • Brewing Delights: A Look at the Types of Loose Leaf Tea

    • Explores tea's historical roots, tracing back to ancient China and its legendary discovery by Emperor Shen Nong.
    • Highlights the cultural significance of tea across various regions, including the UK's afternoon tea and Japan's Chanoyu ceremony.
    • Covers the health benefits associated with different types of tea, such as antioxidants in green tea and calming effects of chamomile.
    • Offers insights into the art of brewing tea, including optimal water temperatures and steeping times for various types.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Tea Expiration and Storage

    Lets take a dive deep into the science behind expiration dates. Are you truly harnessing the full health benefits and flavors of your daily brew? Explore the facts, understand the nuances, and ensure every cup you sip is a testament to wellness and taste. Join us on this enlightening journey, where we blend health insights with the timeless allure of tea
  • How Much Caffeine is Really in Kombucha?

    In this exploration of kombucha:

    • -We answer the burning question: how much caffeine does your favorite kombucha really contain?
    • We compare the caffeine content in kombucha to other popular drinks, providing a fresh perspective on your daily caffeine intake.
    • We also delve into the unique health benefits of this fermented tea, revealing why it's become a darling of the health-conscious community.

    Join us on this enlightening journey as we step into the invigorating world of kombucha!
  • Does Tea Have Caffeine?

    Does Tea Have Caffeine? Yes, for an average amount of caffeine in tea: Green Tea: 27-50mg White Tea: 15-32mg Oolong Tea: 17-49mg Black Tea: 22-58mg Pu Erh Aged Tea: 19-23 Matcha: 126mg Coffee for Reference has about: 95mg Yes. All tea has caffeine, but it occurs in different types of tea in varying amounts.
  • What is the caffeine content of tea

    Today we delve deep into the heartwarming world of tea, a beverage that not only comforts but energizes in the most balanced way. Did you know that dry tea actually contains more caffeine by weight than coffee? Yes, it's true! But when we steep it, a cup of tea offers significantly less caffeine compared to a similar serving of coffee, providing a gentler lift to your spirit.