We love our customers and our business partners. Here is a growing list of where you can buy our products in drink or loose leaf form. 


Jacksonville Florida:

Soupa Noodle Bar

Soupa Noodley Bar is an Anime inspired Dragonball Z themed restaurant that serves some of the best ramen in Jacksonville. Going in is a complete experience from beginning to end. When you walk in you're met with what seems like an endless array of anime posters, levitating hand painted dbz shoes and a giant Goku in god form. The menu features items that are mostly DBZ themed with the coolest being the challenge bowl. The Kaio-ken Challenge which consists of 1 gigantic bowl of your favorite ramen. You get 2 hours to finish to win your prize. Our tea is featured in their Sereni-tea line of boba. Lots of fun flavors that go well with their soupa awesome restaurant. They're located at 4549 Southside Blvd Suite 205, Jacksonville, FL 32216


Chris began brewing kombucha at home as a new and exciting challenge to bring a healthy beverage to his family. Gnarbucha grew organically, starting at the Neptune Beach Farmer's Market while customizing a manufacturing space in Atlantic Beach. Today, Gnarbucha provides wholesale distribution in addition to selling cups and growlers at the Farmer's Market. We source their Organic Loose Leaf Black they use to make Kombucha from around the world. They're located at 1257 Mayport Road Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

 BrewHound Dog Park + Bar 

On an acre of professionally developed park-like grounds, BrewHound is a unique gathering place for dogs and their owners to play and mingle outside, enjoy local craft beer, wine, tea or specialty coffee and relax in the beautiful sunshine.  BrewHound is your hub for adventures large and small. Located at 1848 Kings Cir S, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

 The Caffeinated Cat Cafe

The Caffeinated Cat is Jacksonville’s first and only Feline Coffee & Wine shop! Here you can have a cup of coffee or glass of wine with one of their “wonky” cats and even adopt if you bond with one! They are located at 331 1st Ave North, Jax Beach

 Round Bird Coffee Shop

Round Bird Coffee Shop is owned by two coffee lovers from South Africa. When you enter their space you are greeted by a South African inspired rustic chic theme and smiling faces. They offer Coffee (from Social Grounds Coffee Roasters), Kombucha (from Gnarbucha) and of course our tea. If you're hungry you can pick up some muffins or some of their signature South African Meat Pies! They are located at 1094 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Vagabond Coffee

Nestled in the heart of Murray Hill, there's a coffee shop. A coffee shop that strives to be something different. One you can go to to just chill during the day or vibe with friends in their late hours. They expertly roast their own coffee and hand craft baked goods for the shop just down the road in their production space. The tea menu for Vagabond is just as lovely. You can relax with their Florida Grey. A mix of Earl Grey Creme, Ultra Blue Lavender and Butterfly Pea flower, get some energy with coffee and vibe at night with their signature Tea Cocktails. They're one of the first cafes in Jacksonville to adopt kava as a fantastic alternative to their tea cocktails with alcohol. The kava cocktails are functional like alcohol but without the negative side effects. It is a major social anxiety reducer and helps people relax. Great for any DD or anyone just trying to have a good booze free time and not feel left out of the atmosphere. They're located at 934 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32205