We love bees and we can't live without them. We know bees are dying all over the world. Our mission is to save the bees through teaching others about how they can help. We plant bee yards for those with a community and available space, such as local churches. There, we teach the art of beekeeping to those that want to learn, eventually letting that yard thrive on its own. Others at that church or club will teach what they know, split hives to keep at their own home, talk to neighbors and spread the love of bees.

We are able to buy the honey and other products wholesale from our new found beekeepers, creating extra income for their families. We then sell their wonderful bounty to you, closing the circle, promoting bees and helping our neighbors thrive.

Each year, we allocate funds from sales of all products to pay for the creation of the bee hives we plant. We buy and lend gear to new students that want to learn, until they're interested enough to buy their own. Each yard maxes out at about 25 hives at a cost of about $30 to $50 each (depending on materials and how many boxes are added). During harvest, we bring the community together, provide a honey extractor, wax removers etc so everyone can learn the full process. Students provide their own ball jars, buckets etc so they can take what they want home. We then show the students how to package the excess for retail if they wish.

With every purchase, you help make all of the above happen. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.