• Green Tea Moscow Mule

    • Refreshing twist on the classic Moscow Mule with green tea.
    • Antioxidant-rich green tea base chilled for a cool sip.
    • Ideal for hot days, gatherings, or as a sophisticated cocktail choice.
    • Simple preparation for an invigorating, health-conscious refreshment.
  • Blueberry Green Tea Martini

    • Unique fusion of green tea and blueberry flavors in a martini.
    • Features green tea for a healthful, antioxidant-rich base.
    • Tips for achieving the perfect texture and flavor balance.
    • Encourages experimentation with different green tea varieties for flavor variation.
  • Lemon Green Tea Mint Julep

    • Combines the health benefits of green tea with classic cocktail flavors.
    • Offers a non-alcoholic version for inclusive enjoyment.
    • Perfect for relaxation or enhancing social gatherings.
    • Easy to prepare with a simple steep, mix, and serve process.
  • Raspberry Green Tea Spritzer

    • Combines the health benefits of green tea with the tartness of fresh raspberries.
    • Includes easy instructions for steeping green tea and preparing raspberry puree.
    • Suggests using frozen raspberries as ice cubes for an extra chill.
    • Ideal for making in large quantities for parties or gatherings.
  • Green Tea Peach Bellini

    • Unique twist on a classic Bellini using matcha green tea.
    • Features chilled Prosecco for a celebratory sparkle.
    • Perfect for brunches, celebrations, or as a refreshing lift.
    • Non-alcoholic version available with sparkling white grape juice or water.
  • Kombucha Recipe Calculator

    Kombucha Starter Recipe Calculator Kombucha Starter Recipe Calculator Enter the desired volume of Kombucha starter (in Liters...
  • Lemon Drop Mate Mocktail

    • Lemon Maté Magic: A vibrant blend of yerba maté, lemongrass, pineapple cubes, sour apple pieces, freeze-dried lemon granules, lemon peel, redcurrants, and Cordyceps Mushroom.
    • Cordyceps Benefits: Revered for stamina enhancement, respiratory health support, adrenal function regulation, and bolstering immune responses.
    • Flavor Profile: A delightful dance of citrusy zest combined with the subtle sweetness of pineapple and apple, further enriched by the unique earthiness of Cordyceps.
  • Sangria Mocktail

    • Bursting with Ingredients: Papaya cubes, hibiscus blossoms, currants, blueberries, elderberries, and freeze-dried berry pieces craft a fruity foundation for this unique mocktail.
    • Mushroom Magic: Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps mushrooms each contribute their own set of holistic health advantages, from boosting cognitive function to enhancing immunity and vitality.
    • Flavor Profile: A harmonious blend of fruity richness balanced with the subtle earthiness of mushrooms, offering both invigoration and relaxation in every sip.
  • Spiced Chai Mocktail

    • Aroma & Wellness: The Uber Spiced Chai entices with its combination of cardamom, ginger, and cloves, promising not only sensory delight but also digestive comfort and anti-inflammatory prowess.
    • Cordyceps Efficacy: Infused with Cordyceps mushrooms, renowned for boosting energy and stamina, supporting respiratory and adrenal health, aiding blood sugar balance, fortifying immune function, and maintaining liver health.
    • Rich Flavor Profile: A non-alcoholic homage to the Old Fashioned, this mocktail marries the deep, earthy notes of Cordyceps with the robust warmth of chai spices, creating a harmonious and restorative drinking experience.
  • Fire Cider Recipe Calculator

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  • Elderberry Syrup Recipe Calculator

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  • Kombucha Tea Continuous Brew Recipe

    Get ready to brew a masterpiece with our guide to homemade kombucha!

    • Get your hands on a comprehensive, easy-to-follow kombucha recipe designed for a 1-gallon vessel.
    • Learn the intricacies of home-brewing, from achieving the perfect temperature to the art of balancing sweet and sour notes.
    • Discover why our recipe is a game-changer - we guide you through the process, ensuring you avoid common pitfalls and brew a successful batch of kombucha.
    • Understand the health benefits of homemade kombucha, and how this flavorful fermented tea can be a delicious addition to your wellness journey.