Mushroom Guide

  • The Remarkable Reishi Mushroom: Beginners Guide

    • Historically revered in Asian cultures as a symbol of longevity, the Reishi mushroom continues to be valued in natural medicine for its broad spectrum of health benefits.
    • The red Reishi mushroom, distinguished by its vivid color and tough texture, is typically processed into teas and extracts due to its bitterness.
    • Reishi mushrooms have been linked to heart health benefits, including improved cholesterol levels and blood sugar regulation.


  • Mushrooms 101: Guide to Adaptogenic Mushrooms

    • These fungi aid the body in battling various stressors, enhancing holistic well-being.
    • Learn the distinction: All adaptogenic mushrooms are medicinal, but the reverse isn't always true.
    • Adaptogenic mushrooms include Reishi, Lion's Mane, Turkey tail, Chaga and Cordyceps.