Kalah Garcia: Writer

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Kalah Garcia has been at the forefront of her family's educational and health journey. She has dedicated 13 years to homeschooling her daughters. This path intersected with her pursuit of total wellness. This began when her eldest was a toddler.

Kalah's exploration into natural remedies complemented the traditional healthcare they were receiving. This shift started with limiting color additives and processed foods in her child's diet. As she ventured further, Kalah uncovered the therapeutic effects of herbal tinctures, the richness of various teas, and the many benefits of mushrooms.

She learned the critical role of regular exercise and a balanced diet. Noticing the unintentional health risks many people take, Kalah set out to help them make better whole-life choices. Kalah is committed to guiding individuals toward a healthier lifestyle. Thus focusing on choices that complement the body's natural wellness cycle.

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