Does Tea Have Caffeine?

Does Tea Have Caffeine?

Quick Reference for how much caffeine in tea:

Green Tea: 27-50mg

White Tea: 15-32mg

Oolong Tea: 17-49mg

Black Tea: 22-58mg

Pu Erh Aged Tea: 19-23

Matcha: 126mg

Coffee for Reference has about: 95mg

Does tea have caffeine?

Yes. All tea has caffeine, but it occurs in different types of tea in varying amounts. Please see below for the average caffeine levels in the various types of tea.

Does green tea have caffeine?

Yes.  According to the Mayo Clinic, 8 oz of brewed green tea has 28 mg of caffeine in 100 ml. 

Does white tea have caffeine? 

Yes. This type of tea contains the least amount of caffeine with 15 to 32mg of 100ml brewed white tea. Try White Phoenix

Does oolong tea have caffeine?

Yes, oolong tea has caffeine. Oolong tea is slightly more processed than green tea, which makes it have a slightly higher amount of caffeine. On average oolong tea has about 17 to 49 mg of caffeine per brewed 100ml cup. Try Peach Oolong


Does black tea have caffeine?

Yes, black tea has caffeine. Black tea has the second most caffeine out of any variation of tea. 100 ml of brewed black tea has on average about 22-58 mg of caffeine.Try Vanilla Black


Does chai tea have caffeine?

Yes! chai tea has black tea in it. So chai tea will have the same average caffeine as black tea at 22 to 58 mg. With that said, chai tea is steeped much more hot and longer than regular black tea and sometimes in milk. This will raise the caffeine level in your chai tea significantly. If you love chai tea try Uber Spice chai. If you like non caffeinated chai, please try our Rooibos Coconut Chai. This chai has 0 caffeine. 


Does pu erh tea have caffeine?

Yes! Pu erh tea has caffeine but much less than you would think. Pu erh tea has on average 19 to 23 mg of caffeine per 100 ml cup of brewed tea. This is within the same range as white and green tea. Be careful however, pu erh tea can be a diuretic. So don’t over do it! Try Tropical Island Detox


Does Matcha have caffeine?

Yes. Matcha generally has the most caffeine out of any tea. It can even have more caffeine than coffee! A cup of 100 ml matcha has about 126 mg of caffeine where a normal brewed cup of coffee has only 95 mg of caffeine. Try Matcha 

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