Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Assam Black Tea
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Tea

Vanilla Black Tea

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This is an Assam black tea blended with grade A gourmet Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. These Vanilla Beans are of the highest quality and have a rich, dark aroma. They are very oily with a strong vanilla scent. Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans are usually between 6" and 7" inches long and have a dark brown color. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans are a regular choice for professional chefs and are used in 5 star restaurants around the world. We proudly make our tea with the most sought-after vanilla beans on the market.

Today, Madagascar vanilla beans are the most common and the most widely-used in the world. However, adverse climate conditions have resulted in a global shortage of of Madagascar beans. 

Madagascar Vanilla beans are popular for their rich and deep vanilla tones, along with a buttery taste and creamy sensation when properly extracted. A favorite for vanilla ice cream.

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, Madagascar leads the world in vanilla bean production, with nearly 4,000 tons of annual harvests.

One of the more popular Madagascar vanilla beans is the Bourbon bean. Contrary to belief, the Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean isn't named after a type of alcohol. Bourbon (previously named Reunion) is an island several hundred miles east of Madagascar where the beans are grown. Today, other nearby islands such as the island of Comoros, along with its sister island, Moroni, provide a healthy environment for vanilla bean cultivation.