coconut pineapple lavender butterfly peaflower blue coconut
coconut pineapple lavender butterfly peaflower blue coconut

Blue Coconut

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A color changing tea with Blue Pea flowers

  • Why You'll Love it


Blue Coconut is just as refreshing as it sounds. It is a"blue tea" containing butterfly pea flowers. Pineapple adds a natural, fruity sweetness while the coconut lends a smooth silky texture. The sweetness is rounded by our soothing ultra blue lavender. No matter what time of year, it'll whisk you away to a spa experience.


  • Why it's Good for You


The aromatherapy of lavender has been used since antiquity to ease stress, calm the mind and promote restfulness.

Butterfly peaflower is rich in antioxidants which makes it a great beverage to include in  your detox diet.

The listed ingredients are below so we encourage you to look up their separate properties as they are too many to list in the description.

 None of the above is backed by the FDA nor is it intended to diagnose or treat any illnesses. 

  • Tea Cocktail Recommendations



This is a fantastic tea to make in cocktails. Make a concentrate and use as a base for a fruity floral cosmo or simply mix a bit with your favorite cider or sparkling wine.

This drink is OM NOM fantabulous.

Make a strong cold 16 ounce cup of Blue Coconut. Pour into a glass with just a little bit of ice. Add a bit of lemon lime soda. Add a scoop of your favorite vanilla or coconut ice cream. If you're feeling a little extra, add some pineapple and/or coconut rum to the tea.


  • Ingredients


Pineapple, Coconut, Organic Ultra Blue Lavender, Butterfly Pea Flower

  • Directions


Iced 16oz cup: 3 tsp tea steeped for 5 minutes in about 8 to 10 ounces of water. This concentrates the tea a bit so your beverage isn't watered down. Fill glass with ice, pour and strain brewed tea into your glass. Enjoy! Hot: 1 tsp per 8 ounces of water steeped for 3 minutes. Strain and enjoy!


Customer Reviews

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Ashla Stargazer
My favorite

Very refreshing iced & my favorite flavor of herbal teas.