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Kombucha Blend

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This tea is a fantastic base for Kombucha. We use 75% black tea, yerba mate, white tea, rooibos and gunpowder green tea. We make booch from this blend all the time with a fast fermentation and a deep flavor profile. This tea works well as an every day drinking tea. Has as much caffeine as coffee and tons of antioxidants. Great sweet and unsweet.

This is Zac, the founder of Yum Cha. 1957 is a special tea. The 1957 on our logo and this tea blend is to honor my Dad who passed away in 2007. He was an inspiration my whole life. He dabbled in so many things, which was something I do too. He got me started in beekeeping. He is also my moral compass. This tea is exactly like him. Blended with the best ingredients yet simple.