Almondina Biscotti

Almondina Biscotti

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An acid-free base is embossed by the high portion of sweet apple pieces and its red color nuance comes from the added beetroot. The flavor note is determined by tempting, sweet, roasted, caramelized almonds. It is a taste experience which your nose knows and loves from spring and summer fun fairs, the October Fest and Christmas markets. Give this a try and you will be absolutely delighted. For a perfect taste impact, brew the tea for 10 minutes. Ingredients: apple pieces, planed and crushed almonds, cinnamon pieces, beetroot pieces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great flavor

Will definitely buy this tea again. Love the aroma as well as the taste.

Kalah Garcia
This is damn awesome!

This tea made me feel like I was home. The wonderful colors and flavors were a comfort to me in a time when the world is chaotic.

Anna Miller
Light flavor

This tea is good if you like a really mild flavor. It’s light Apple cinnamon flavor is more like a child’s juice when chilled. I was hoping for a bolder flavor. Next batch I think I’ll add some apples,almond extract and cinnamon. Maybe it will turn up the flavor.

Daniel Jacobs
Wife loved it

I’m a simple man. When my wife says “This tea is divine” I share in it a review. I don’t like tea normally, but it smells the business!