Best Teas for Bloating and digestive wellness

Bloating can be caused by many things and is very normal. According to the Mayo Clinic, these symptoms usually don’t point to a serious underlying condition and are often reduced with lifestyle changes. As your abdomen rises over time, it can be uncomfortable just know that you are not alone. The great thing is that many types of tea may decrease bloating, ease cramping and normalize digestion. 


Studies show that ginger can help with and speed up digestion as well as reducing intestinal cramping. Ginger can be great for overall body health. It’s been used as an herbal remedy for hundreds of years. For soothing effects, we suggest pairing ginger tea with lemon and honey. Try our Gingerade tea and our Sawgrass Lemonade teas. Mix them together in equal parts and feel the difference yourself. 


Chamomile can be fantastic for digestion and promoting relaxation. These small flowers have been shown in studies to decrease levels of harmful bacteria via its antiseptic qualities as well as soothe abdominal pain. Any time of day is a good time to have chamomile tea. However due to its relaxing properties, it’s great to reduce bloating and relax your body for a good night's sleep. We highly recommend our Anti-anxietea for a complete restful evening.


Fennel may decrease constipation, gas, abdominal pain and bloating. 


Citrus fruit of all kinds including lemon may help alleviate discomfort in the digestive system such as bloating and gas. Lemon tea has also been shown that it can increase normal digestive movements. To boost your digestion each morning with a caffeinated boost, try drinking a lemon based tea like our Lemonhead Mate


Peppermint tea has a high concentration of flavanoids. Flavanoids can help calm the bacteria in your gut, which very often are the cause of gas and bloating. Peppermint tea has also been known to sooth inflamation and energize your mind. We created a fantastic morning blend to replace the more acidic coffee called High Speed Low Drag. We regularly send this tea overseas to our military friends to have instead of coffee, hence the military term being the name of our tea. High speed means you're fast. Low drag means you don't have a lot slowing you down. Simply you're quick and get things done, just like this tea. We think you'll love it!


If you're experiencing or have experienced excessive bloating and/or digestive issues, try working herbal tea into what you drink daily. We’re sure you will find better digestion and relief from bloating discomfort. If you’re looking for other great tea and herbal teas to add to your daily routine, shop our loose leaf tea selection. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the best tea that works against bloating, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!